Saturday, September 18, 2010

Review of Malaysian Night Street Food Festival

Imagine trying to pack a hundred street food vendors into your living room.  This is what it was like at the Malaysian night street food festival.  It promised to be set up like the nightly festivals in Kuala Lampur.  Unless the city is about 500 square feet, I am pretty sure this was not true to the original experience.  I was hoping to try some unique foods, such as Yuzu lemonade, but was told to come back in a half hour, as they ran out.  (Btw, yuzu is Japanese, thank you very much.)  In fact, every kiosk I went to said they were out of some particular food.  I did manage to eat some curried fish balls, but they were Chinese flavored,  not Malaysian. I even ordered my food in Chinese. The lines were so long, at some point, many of us were forced into the street--an inch away from oncoming traffic!  I nearly was clipped by an SUV waiting for bubble tea.  It was at that point that I left and walked across to the street to Le Pain Quotidien and had me a delicious bowl of vegan broccoli soup and fresh crusty bread.  This was followed by a stroll through Chelsea market where I sampled free Fat Witch brownie (a bit oily for me, but people seem to like it), creamy brie and chocolate gelatto.  No crowds and no fuss.  Since it was the end of the day, I even got two additional free loaves of rye bread with my purchase at Amy's Bread. 

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